About Us

We are the leaders in industrial cleaning. We have been pioneering our field for more than 8 years which includes Hydro Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, Sponge Blasting and everything in between. New Age Cryo has three core principles that have helped us become the go to company for quality services: Safety, Quality, and Pride in Our Work. We strive for always going above and beyond expectations.  Starting with great leadership and always ending with quality work. The biggest reason why we have made a name in the industry is our team.  Our crews are trained, driven professionals and the best at what they do. Our work speaks for itself, we are proud and confident on our workforce. Everyone from the seasoned Crew Leads to new members of our company embody our core values.





Before any member of our team goes out to a site, they go through an extensive NAC training boot camp. Here, they will become OSHA certified, lockout/tagout, confined space and lift training, along with any site specific training required. As part of our core values, safety is ALWAYS number one



Once a new team member is hired, every member understands our company wide requirement for quality. We are the best at what we do and we want to keep the same label of quality always. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, whether you are a new customer or an already established relationship, every job is treated with the same high level of standards.



We are part of a great company. According to a third party survey, we rank 5 stars across the board. From customer satisfaction to quality of work, we understand that this is thanks to our amazing team. We are highly motivated and proud to be part of the New Age Cryo team.


With our expanding knowledge and training, NEW AGE CRYO stays miles ahead of the competition. Our work ethic ensures that our quality will always keep our customers happy.