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    We clean all types of railcars, interiors and exteriors, which include tankers and hoppers. We are Kosher maintenance certified.

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    New Age Cryo operates an extensive fleet specialized vacuum trucks throughout our service areas. With our fleet of vacuum trucks, we are certain to have the truck for most any job. New Age Cryo recognizes safety as paramount when operating a Vacuum Truck. We have put an emphasis on training and safety as our standard for safe operation.

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    New Age Cryo fully understands the importance of ensuring the safety of our customers and employees.  Thus, we have partnered with Safety Management Incorporated.  SMI offers an array of OSHA compliance services, including safety program development, employee safety training and jobsite safety inspections.  Safety is their core competency and it is a priority for New Age Cryo.

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    We are a privately held and operated company and have the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of our customers.  We are exclusively focused on industrial cleaning which allows us to be innovative with our cleaning solutions.   Our team is dedicated to providing fast, friendly and efficient services that our customers require in the current challenging economy. We understand the need to clean equipment thoroughly and on time so you can run your business efficiently.  ADVANTAGES TO DRY ICE BLASTING   • No slippery, wet floors or electrical cords lying in water • No contaminated water to process • No damage to surface or equipment • Decreased labor costs • Cleaner air • Increases work…

  • Services,  Water Blasting


    Why use New Age Cryo? Our skilled technicians are trained in a variety of water blasting techniques ranging from lancing, using shotguns, and 2D & 3D tank cleaning set-ups. They have the skill and equipment to complete the most challenging jobs safely and efficiently. Benefits of our high-pressure hot water blasting system ** We have the experience to effectively leverage high-pressure wash systems. ** Our systems feature powerful 200 degree water jets running at 40,000 psi. ** We clean more thoroughly. ** Our cleaning jobs last longer.