We at NEW AGE CRYO take great pride in our reputation and being called the best in the business. A third party business conducted a survey with the biggest names in the industry. We score five stars across the board. These are some of the comments about us.

"Our main contacts have been Brad and Jeff, now mostly Jeff. No other competitors have owners out in the field on the job which makes NAC stand out form their competitors"

"NAC is the only company we have found that provides sponge blasting. We started with sponge blasting and based on the over all performance of the crew, we added hydro blasting."

"When they bring a work crew out to a job site, the crew works hard and there is no standing around like some of their competitors crew's"

"NAC is very responsive when they encounter an issue. They do a great job on the semi annual cleaning. They have a low turnover of workers compered to their competitors which makes it much easier to work with the same people each year."

"They are the most professional, hard working and responsive. We don't supervise the NAC crews. They get in and out on time."

"NAC has been our sole source for the last 8 years. I am aware of NAC's two closest competitors in the area but we have no reason no do business with them."

"NAC already has 100% of our business. They only time we would consider using an alternative would be if we needed them for a job but NAC was fully book."

"There have been no new players in the cleaning business that I have seen and it appears that some of NAC's competitors seem to be getting weaker."