Industrial Hydro Blasting: What You Need to Know

Industrial Hydro Blasting: What You Need to Know

Despite daily cleaning efforts, industries from food production facilities to ethanol plants know that dirt builds up quickly on surfaces. To combat this, many companies have used time-consuming techniques and harsh chemicals to clean and remove dirt. Fortunately, there are effective, environmentally conscious and cost effective alternatives. In this post, we highlight hydro blasting, since it is an excellent industrial cleaning option that can be used for various applications.

What Is Hydro Blasting?

Hydro blasting uses highly pressurized water, forced through an easy to control nozzle to remove dirt and grime on surfaces. Water jets are used to clean pipes, product lines, the interior and exterior surfaces of tanks, evaporators, reactors, boilers, catch basins, and storage vessels, among others things, all without using harsh chemicals. In addition, the power of water removes stubborn stains like grease using force and flow.

Hydro blasting is effective in that it removes tough grime and dirt from a substrate, but doesn’t damage the original structure. This makes the method useful on machinery and can even lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.

How Does Hydro Blasting Work

To understand how hydro blasting works, you first need to know the two types of hydro blasting operating pressures, namely: 

  • High-pressure hydro blasting, which operates at a pressure above 680 bars (10000 psi)
  • Ultra-high pressure hydro blasting operating at a pressure above 1700 bars (25000 psi).

When hydro blasting, the pressure, amount of water to apply, and tools to use are determined by the materials and debris being removed and the surface being cleaned. To remove specific material, your technician has to consider the force and flow, considering more force means more pressure, more cutting, and less movement. In contrast, more flow also means more materials are removed.

The hydro blasting technician ensures a balance between force and flow to ensure successful cleaning of the factory or setting without damaging the surface or any equipment in the facility.

What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken Before Any Hydro Blasting Service?

What safety precautions should be taken before any hydro blasting service.

Hydro blasting is a widely used technique for industrial maintenance and cleaning purposes. It is recognized for being environmentally friendly and effective, considering its ability to adapt to many spaces. This makes it easy to eliminate debris and any other undesirable materials. However, water blasting equipment moves at high speed, exposing workers to hazardous situations that can cause serious injuries.

Fortunately, industrial cleaning companies like New Age Cryo are committed to technician safety and wellness. We apply safety precautions to protect our employees and customers. Some of the safety precautions taken before any hydro blasting service include:

  • Technicians wear pressure washing protective gear to reduce the risks of any injuries or harm to their bodies. This gear includes respiratory protection, glasses, a face shield, and hearing protection.
  • We inspect hydro blasting equipment to ensure they are safe for use to control them manually during cleaning.
  • We ensure the team has the necessary skills, expertise, and confidence to work in any environment.
  • Crews remove any dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances in the plant to ensure the safety of technicians by minimizing the risks.

Why Should Industries Consider Hydro Blast Cleaning?

Industrial settings of all kinds can reap the following benefits from hydro blasting:

Convenient for large and small jobs

Hydro blasting is effective in cleaning hard-to-reach and small areas by using lancing or shotgun tools that have detail-oriented nozzles. This provides precise accuracy by aiming the nozzle towards a small target, and still maintains high pressure. Larger nozzles can also be used to spray surfaces like floors and walls.

Environmental friendly

Many industries are committed to environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, making hydro blasting a great option. It does not require the use of chemicals or abrasives when cleaning which is helpful to the environment, and also doesn’t risk damaging the surrounding areas. 

Hydro blasting does not generate any residue or particles after cleaning, as it only uses water which also favors the environment.

Fast and effective

Hydro blasting is quick and efficient, making it suitable for ethanol plants. In addition, it reduces downtime since the plant will not have to pause its ongoing operations for a long time to clean equipment and surfaces.

NAC trucks in front of large industrial building


Hydro blasting is completely safe when in the hands of an experienced technician. It does not cause any damage to the surface or equipment being cleaned, even under high pressure. Not using chemicals or substances minimizes health risks and makes it safe for the operator and the surfaces since no residue or fumes are emitted


Using conventional cleaning procedures to clean your ethanol plant can be expensive. Hydro blasting requires less labor and time, enabling you to save money and get back into production.

Summing Up

There are many reasons to adopt hydro-blasting services. However, it’s crucial to get services from certified hydro blasting companies like New Age Cryo. We have qualified professionals with the specialized skills and experience needed to handle hydro blasting equipment safely. When planning to clean your ethanol plant, follow the steps below to start the cleaning process with New Age Cryo:

  • Review our service options
  • Make an informed selection
  • Get in touch with our team 
  • Finalize availability together

Are you looking for hydro blasting services for your ethanol plant? New Age Cryo is your perfect consultant. We offer quality industrial-grade cleaning services. We have highly trained and experienced employees who are equipped with high-quality equipment to provide you with fast, friendly, and efficient services within a short period. Contact us today.