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Wet and Dry Blasting Techniques FAQ

Each cleaning technique has unique advantages. In terms of effectiveness, it depends on what type of substrates you’re cleaning. For example, our sponge blasting machines are capable of cleaning tough surfaces like metal but also gentle enough for historic masonry or older architecture. Dry ice blasting, another dry method, is also a great method for delicate surfaces since dry ice is non-abrasive. Hydroblasting is very effective for tough surfaces, floors, walls and pipes.

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Railcar and Vacuum Truck Cleaning FAQ

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We are experienced in cleaning multiple types of railcars from crude oil tankers to freight cars transporting bulk foods. We also clean rail cars carrying ethanol. We have comprehensive cleaning systems and well-trained staff to take on any railcar cleaning need.

Ethanol Plant Cleaning FAQ

New Age Cryo is unique in that we offer multiple cleaning methods to make sure each plant can have its specific cleaning needs met. Dry Ice Blasting, Sponge Blasting and Hydro Blasting all have their advantages in cleaning ethanol plants. Call us to consult with our skilled technicians and we will prepare an appropriate cleaning solution for your plant

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