Sponge Blasting

A low-dust, low-ricochet solution. We use micro-abrasive particles and relatively low pressure to remove hard residue. It is versatile enough for delicate or rough surfaces.

Industry Leaders in Sponge Blasting

Our technicians use sponge blasting to offer an effective clean for a myriad of surface types. Sponge Blasting is waterless and free of chemicals meaning there is no run off or waste of any kind. It works by propelling abrasive particles of water based polyurethane at your dirty surface which creates a vacuum and breaks down the debris. You’re left with a clean surface! We are proud to offer this unique and worthwhile service.

Our Sponge Blasting Service Features

We use multiple variations of micro-abrasive media, making us able to clean all types of surfaces, even delicate ones. Some highlights of our sponge blasting repertoire include:

Able to Maintain Business Operations

Due to its low dust and low waste nature, sponge blasting can sometimes be done without having to entirely shut down operations of a facility. Leave it to us to set up the proper safety precautions so that your cleaning job can get done without interrupting your business.


Our safe, synthetic sponge media can be re-used 6-10 times making for a much lower waste option than other traditional methods like sand blasting.


New Age Cryo technicians are able to offer sponge blast services with excellent control and precision, and a decreased risk of personal injury. This is in part due to a lower PSI than other cleaning methods and an easy containment system for collecting debris.

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What You Can Expect

New Age Cryo has a sponge blasting team and equipment fleet prepared to meet your every need.

  • We have a full spectrum of grit sizes from mildly to aggressively abrasive so that many surface types can be cleaned without damage
  • Our recycling equipment separates large debris through a feed unit so that as much sponge media as possible can be reused
  • An extremely versatile cleaning model for everything from graffiti removal to historic building restoration

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our professionalism is matched with extensive experience in sponge blasting, the result is an excellent clean, every time.


Up to 98% Reduction in Dust While Cleaning

Able to be Recycled 3-6 Times

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Safety Above All

100% Compliance with Technician PPE

On Call Response

We’re There When You Need Us

Our Customer Success, Is Our Company Success

We take great pride in our reputation and being called the best in the business. A third party business conducted a survey with the biggest names in the industry. Here’s what they had to say:

We Work Around Your Availability. Contact Us Anytime For More Details.

We provide flexible scheduling which makes finding availability easier, contact us today!

We Work Around Your Availability. Contact Us Anytime For More Details.

We provide flexible scheduling which makes finding availability easier, contact us today!

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